Patrick Matte Creative Coder

Yeezy Supply

Nick Knight posted a video about his collaboration with Kanye West. The work featured in the video spans a couple years and I got to work on some of these prototypes for about four months, between the end of October 2018 and the beginning of March 2019. The concept involved shooting many models trying on different clothing combinations. To facilitate the shooting of these hundreds of videos, I wrote a software that could calculate all the shots needed for each model with the different clothing combinations, and the software would also connect to a live camera and record the files to disk directly with a meaningful filename, thus eliminating the need for editing and reviewing. We spent 5 days in a Hollywood studio shooting twelve models trying on the clothing. For nine pieces of clothing, each model had to do 736 shoots to get all the combinations we needed.
I then build a prototype of the dressing room and hired a couple other developers to help with the other sections of the website. Each video was shot on a screen screen which was removed in real time with a WebGL shader. In Nick Knight’s video, the scenes where you see the bright blue sky background color mostly represent the parts I got to work on.

At this point I don’t know if any of the work I did will ever make it live on the internet but it was really nice to see this video shared by Nick Knight.