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Zoom on earth from space

Following up on my previous blog post, I made some animation tests for moving on the globe from one location to another.

After you get to Los Angeles, use the search box to go to any other location.

I used Away3D 3.x and a zoom blur filter from Adobe’s Pixel Bender Library.

Download the source files.

10 comments on “Zoom on earth from space”

  1. Genius! What a nice technique. The final effect looks even better than Google Earth!

  2. Hey Patrick, try switching to wmode=’direct’ to see what kind of improvement you might get. I got a performance boost with my bitmap heavy tasks on my latest project.

  3. Man, this is awesome!! Can you please post ALL the SOURCE for this!!!!! Please include any instruction that you may have or applicable to get this up and running as posted!!!!

    Thanks in advance!!

    Al Duke

  4. I added a link to the source files. The code is messy and the classes are all over the place but I don’t have time to clean it up right now so there it is as is.

  5. Thanks for the source, Patrick… Do you have a README on how to setup this is up as is!!

    Thanks again!!

  6. Also, how to add the atmospheric halo layer over the earth similar to Google Earth? Please email me the instructions.

    Thanks in advance!!

  7. Can you help to use this example with the ESRI ArcGIS for Flex API instead of Google Maps?

    Thanks in advace!!

  8. Both are similar in design, functionality and features. I couldn’t get it done, but I’m confident that you can.

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