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Twenty five lines of code contest

The rules of the contest were simple, create the most awesome program in just 25 lines of code. The timing was perfect for me as i wasn’t too busy for the last two days before the deadline and i was able to work on a couple entries.

This entry nailed it. I’m still surprised how many things i was able to cram into 25 lines.

I have a 3D engine in there that converts 3D points to 2D points in 3 lines of code! And the routine also changes the color of the lines, records arrays of points to create the trails that gets thinner as time increases. Also notice the velocity on each point that make the trail move along.

Download source fla

I’m definitely happy with the first one but there’s another entry that i did which i also like. For that one I got the inspiration from a demo i saw last week, and i thought to myself, “hey i can do this in 25 lines of code” so i did it. Some images it creates look a lot like those spacy tracy desktop backgrounds of Windows Vista and OSX.

Download source fla

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